Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Concert Review: The Scorpions Final Sting At Mohegan Sun

The Mohegan Sun arena played host last Monday night to a couple of 1980's rock giants, Tesla and the Scorpions. Both bands saw multi-million album success in the mid- to late-eighties, Telsa with the songs "Love Song" and "Signs" and the Scorpions with "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and "Wind Of Change." While Tesla's history dates back to 1986, the Scorpions date back even further with their 1972 debut album "Lonesome Crow."

Now 40 years later, the Scorpions are calling it quits (as far as touring goes). They are on the verge of completing their 2-year world tour, which will be their last, but the band is already planning their next studio album to be recorded and released next year.

As the lights went out, Tesla's duel guitar attack of Frank Hannon and Dave Rude made sure everyone paid attention as the band dove into "Comin' Atcha Live." Lead singer Jeff Keith played to the crowd on both sides of the stage as he roamed back and forth, acting out the lyrics to songs like "Edison's Medicine" and "Hang Tough." The heavy rock interlude at the end of "Mama's Fool" led into the sing-along of "Signs." Hannon and Rude took center stage with their acoustic guitars for the introduction to "Love Song" as the crowd helped Keith sing the song's chorus. Their hour-long set finished with the 1986 classic "Modern Day Cowboy" and the up-tempo rocker "Little Suzi."

With the audience pumped and ready to rock, the Scorpions did not disappoint, beginning with "Sting In The Tail" and "Make It Real." The catwalk, which extended into the first twelve rows of seats on the floor, became common ground for guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs. Lead singer Klaus Meine was all smiles as he began throwing out drumsticks during "The Zoo" before strapping on a guitar of his own for the instrumental "Coast To Coast." Audience participation was in order as they sang along to "Wind Of Change" and the acoustic "Holiday." Drummer James Kottack got the crowd rocking for "Tease Me Please Me" and "Hit Between The Eyes," before entertaining the audience with his drum solo featuring a video history of the Scorpions on the three giant screens behind him. The 90-plus minute main set ended with fans shouting the chorus to "Big CIty Nights" as the band thanked everyone and exited the stage for a brief moment.

The Scorpions returned for the encore, beginning with the power ballad "Still Loving You." They concluded the evening with guitars blazing for  "No One Like You" and their huge 1984 hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane." While this may be the Scorpions' Final Sting Tour, they are still performing at the top of their game showing all other bands how it's done.

Tesla's Setlist: Comin' Atcha Live, Edison's Medicine, Hang Tough, Heaven's Trail (No Way Out), Mama's Fool, Signs, Love Song, Modern Day Cowboy, Little Suzi

The Scorpions' Setlist: Sting In The Tail, Make It Real, Is There Anybody There?, The Zoo, Coast To Coast, Loving You Sunday Morning, Rhythm Of Love, Wind Of Change, Holiday, Raised On Rock, Tease Me Please Me, Hit Between The Eyes, Kottack Attack (drum solo), Blackout, Six String Sting (guitar solo), Big City Nights
Encore: Still Loving You, No One Like You, Rock You Like A Hurricane

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Anonymous said...

Very nice recap. Was at the show and had a blast. Can't believe these guys are hanging it up as they still sound fantastic.