Thursday, August 2, 2012

CD Review: Post-Punk Comes Alive With Blane Fonda And Also The Cheerleaders

From Chicago comes Blane Fonda with their full-length debut album “Foolish Croon.” The band’s sound is a combination of modern pop-punk beats with retro eighties, electronic keyboards. The vocals in the opening song “Tales Of The Sea” have a Red Hot Chili Peppers edginess to them, while “Napalm As Medicine” is chock full of keyboards, giving it a Devo-ish type feel. Blane Fonda like to experiment with their music as shown in “Mirror World: Dad Holograms” and “Bear Lee Lee Gull” by adding horns and mixing up their time signatures. The songs “Charlie’s Happy Stance” and “A Miner’s High Life” are like flashbacks to MTV’s 120 Minutes show, as theses songs could have been underground hits 25 years ago. The album closes with “Hollow Bones,” a slow burning ballad gets turned into a dance hall with club beats and electronic highlights.

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Another band beginning to make a name for themselves on the underground circuit is the Cheerleaders. A British trio from Leeds that are putting together the pieces for their debut release. The group’s current release is their debut single “Puzzles.” The song carries a very up tempo, post-punk sound with a little eighties garage rock thrown in for a bit of a retro feel.

Check out the band’s facebook page ( to keep up with their progress and for any live dates.

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