Friday, August 31, 2012

CD Review: Singer/Songwriters Mike Clifford And Eric Reitz Display Talents On New Albums

Singer/songwriter Mike Clifford has a new independent EP entitled “Day Dreamer.” The five songs are all acoustic based with some Dave Matthews-type songwriting as in “Come On Back To Me.” There is a frailty to his voice as displayed in “Next To You,” but it only adds to the overall appeal of his songwriting. The most complete sounding song on this EP is “Secret Heart” as the harmonizing and simple beat give this song an outdoor, campfire feel.

Mike Clifford has a show scheduled for September 15 at The Living Room In New York City. For information on his new release and for song samples, please visit

Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Eric Reitz recently released his second album “Sinister Love.” The album begins with the up-tempo, pop-rock of “Everybody’s Dressing Up” and “Sinister Love,” before Eric dives into the blues on “Two Shots.” He as a slight roughness to his voice that makes his vocals sound very mature and weathered. The album reaches its pinnacle with the album’s first single “City Lights” as he masterfully combines the music and the melody of the song. The album closes with the acoustic, heartfelt ballad “Breaking.”

Eric Reitz has about a dozen live dates scheduled in New York, North Carolina and Virginia. Please visit for a complete list of shows and for more information on the new album.

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