Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CD Review: Virus Cycle Demands An Answer For "Love"

Industrial/Electronic metal band Virus Cycle just released their latest batch of music which includes the latest single “Why Don’t You Love Me?” The combination of the club beats and dark, haunting vocals gives the new song a very gothic feel. The new song is a preview to the band’s upcoming album “Zombiechrist.”

The keyboard frenzy of the “From Dusk” remix is a great contrast to the moody, slow beat of “Love Me To Death.” The standout song on this new EP is “The Dead Hate The Living” with a more heavy metal/industrial sound similar to Rob Zombie. The eight-minute “Why Don’t You Love Me?” remix plays out like a movie inside your head as DJ N1nestein tries throwing in as much music as he can within the mix. The album closes with the Parasite In Agony’s Zombie Crucifix Remix of “Zombieland” as the song begins with a more metal sound that gets morphed into a club beat.

The new album, “Zombiechrist” will be available on October 13. For more information, check out

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