Thursday, September 13, 2012

CD Review: Come "With Us" For The Burning Of Rome

From San Diego, CA come the mind-expanding sounds of The Burning of Rome. Their origins begin with front man Adam Traub, creating music with four-track tape recorder. After outgrowing that process, he began seeking out local musicians to join his musical journey and the band are finally releasing their debut album on Surfdog Records entitled “With Us." The album was produced by Traub and Tom Biller and will be available on September 18.
The album begins with the laid-back song, “The Ballad of an Onion Sprout,” which relies heavy on a simple keyboard progression to keep the song on track while Traub’s vocals invite you along for the ride. The song “Little Piranhas” takes on a darker tone with its heavy rock beat and strong, aggressive vocal delivery. The album features three mixes created Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers. The remix of “Cowboys & Cut Cigars” has a very strong appeal with it combination of electronic music and hard rock drumming, while “Norman Bates” and “Ballad of an Onion Sprout (Alternative Mix)” have a more retro sound. The Burning of Rome experiment some more with their sound on the songs “Island”and “Why Can’t I Stop Killing My Friends,” which makes their music very hard to categorize into only one genre. The album closes with the electronic, industrial rock of “The Universe Is Made of Nonsense” and a sixteen-minute untitled sound experiment.
The Burning of Rome has a few live dates scheduled, including an album release show at the Viper room in Los Angeles, CA on September 20. For more information, be sure to check out the

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