Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CD Review: Cosmic Funeral Bring About A "Godless War"

Cosmic Funeral is a death metal band from Turkey and they recently released their debut EP entitled “Godless War To Eternity.” The 5-song album begins with the two-minute symphony of “The Prophecy.” The dark overtone of drums and strings sets up the listener to be blown away by the sheer force of this band.
The album continues with “Doomsday” as the music hits you right in the face with it powerful speed drumming and aggressive vocals. Cosmic Funeral adds symphonic music to their metal assault on “Negligence Of Centuries,” which makes the music stand-out from other death metal bands that just keep attacking your eardrums. The album closes with the six-minute, epic sounding “Serenade To Fallen” as the band finds the perfect formula of orchestrated music and death metal power.
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