Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CD Review: The Marquee Show Off Their Talents With "White Room"

From north of the border comes The Marquee with their full-length debut album “White Room.” This four-piece band throws together a modern pop sound with an underground alternative feel to give their music a very upbeat, playful sound.

The album opens with “First Time” as the song’s bass groove keeps the guitar and drums in-line. You begin to get a feel for the modern, alternative pop-rock sound with the song “Each and Every Week.” The band adds a bit of funk to “Beating Drums” and visits their alternative rock side on “Fall Back” as the band gives a bit of edginess to their music. The album finishes up with some their strongest written songs; the up-tempo, alternative “Melodies & Memories” and the fell-good acoustics of “One Last Time,” which really showcases the bands harmonies.

For more information on this new band from Canada, please visit themarquee.ca.

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