Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CD Review: More New Music Coming From Indie Artists Tyne Darling And Sixstep

Singer/songwriter Tyne Darling started out in Milwaukee as a member of various punk bands, but many of the songs he had written didn’t fit into that scene. In November 2010, the roots were planted of what became his new solo album, “The Secret November.” Many of the songs on this album have been licensed to MTV, VH1, E!, Discovery and Bravo networks for use in shows.
The album begins with the slow, Americana, blues rock of “L.E.S.” as you get a feel of how meaningful his lyrics are to hear. The mellowness of “Echo/Gold” puts all of the focus on Darling’s vocals as you notice a slight gruffness in his voice, which gives off an experienced feel to his overall sound. At times, he sounds like a younger Elvis Costello as in “The Highline” and “Untitled.” The Tyne Darling finds himself repeating the same slow, laid-back groove, all the way until the accapella-filled finish of “The New York Palace.”
Tyne Darling has some live dates on his schedule including the Midpoint Music Festival in Cinncinnati, OH and the M.E.A.N.Y. Festival in New York. His new album “The Secret November” is available now. For more information, please visit
From Orange County, CA comes Sixstep with their new album “House of Cards.” Their music blurs the lines of rock, funk, punk and jazz. The album begins with the mainstream ska sounds of “Ministry” as their music moves you to get up and enjoy the beats. They fuse together rock and funk on “Get In Line”and “Klown,” before visiting their jazzier side on “Party For Steven.” They return to the mainstream rock of “In the Rain,” before closing the album with the dop-wop of “Enjoy The Free Fall” which goes on to show how diverse this band performs.
The Sixstep just wrapped up a show at The Coach House in California and they have one more show scheduled at the moment at Knuckleheads on September 28. Their new album, “House of Cards” is available now. For more information, please visit

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