Thursday, September 20, 2012

CD Review: New Experimental Music From Underground Artists Infaux And Fertanish

From South Dakota comes the synthesizer-fueled, industrial rock band Infaux with a new album entitled “Regret: Zero.” The seven-song release shows the band’s love for 80’s electronic pop as they add a brand of industrial metal to make it rough around the edges.
Songs like the opener “Shotgun Formation” and “Oz” show the band’s love for the 90’s industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy as the vocals just get shredded through the crashing of synthesizers. The band draws up their 80’s influences on the mellow flow of “Somniphobia (A Lullaby)”and even shows another side to their sound on the acoustic “Composure.” The album ends with a couple of remixes, one by DJ Skrilla that is definitely geared toward the club scene, while “Gingers (Just Want To Have Fun) –Landmines on Mainstreet Remix” is more about experimenting with sounds.
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From Washington D.C. comes Fertanish with a new album entitled, “Contemplating Silent Wishes.” Fertanish is the brainchild of Bill Murphy, who combines rhythms and noises to create a very eclectic soundscape. This release follow the heavy drum filled experiment, “Zero, Zero, Three,” which was released in December of last year.
The new release contains only one track that runs for almost 79 minutes. It is not a musical piece that will blow you away with its artistry, but will gradually grow on you as it moves through its different phases. At times, the song sound like Murphy took some hints from the Blue Man Group and other times, it sound like it was recorded underwater as the different tones start to come together. It is very much a “methodical composition” as you began to assume the pattern, but there are very subtle sound waves that keep you interested.
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