Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CD Review: New Music Coming From Southern Connecticut

First up from New Milford, CT is the post-punk sound of Fins with a new 4-song EP entitled “Lawnmower.” The band carries a very raw sound with a lot a punk energy as heard in the opening track “Foxfire.” Fins let loose on the title-track as the song almost gets carried away with the chorus, but stays on course with some interesting guitar riffs. The guitars in the song “Hags” sound very dirty like the early days of English punk. The EP closes with “Hold” that keeps the energy flowing as the music overtakes the vocals.

For more information on Fins and their latest release, “Lawnmower,” check them out at

Another independent band from down near the shore in Mystic, CT is Slander with a new 3-song EP entitled “World As Museum.” Slander was also named “band of the month” in the New England magazine “The Deli.” The album begins with “Device” as lead singer; Julia Farrar draws you in with her voice as the band’s modern alternative rock sound fits her vocals perfectly. The duet of “Trial” doesn’t quite have the same appeal, while the edgy rocker, “Magnets” hits the mark with its 80’s pop sound.

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Anonymous said...

both of these releases are awesome as hell!