Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CD Review: Sybreed Gives Us Their Thoughts On "God"

From Switzerland comes the industrial metal band, Sybreed with a new album, “God Is An Automaton.” The new album will be released through Listenable Records in Europe on September 24, then in North America on October 2.

Beginning with the powerful of energy of “Posthuman Manifesto,” the band is on a mission to prove that they are one of the top metal acts in the world today. The chorus on “No Wisdom Brings Solace” sounds like a flashback to early Queensryche, while “Red Nova Ignition” is pure, straight-up industrial metal. Sybreed add the progressive metal song “God Is An Automaton” to their catalog, expanding their sound and musicianship. Then, the album just runs through a massive attack of thrash-type metal with “Downfall Inc.” and “Challenger.” On the closing song, “Destruction And Bliss” the band stretches out the length of its metal pounding sound past the nine minute mark.

Sybreed has one date scheduled for Halloween over in their home country of Switzerland. Watch for more dates to be announced soon, once the album gets released. For more information on Sybreed’s new album, “God Is An Automaton,” please visit sybreed.com.

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