Thursday, September 27, 2012

CD Review: Travis T. Warren Finds Freedom "Beneath These Borrowed Skies"

Singer/songwriter Travis T. Warren is finally releasing his debut solo album, “Beneath These Borrowed Skies,” after years of fronting the bands The Lookout Kids and Blind Melon. Travis became the lead singer of Blind Melon eleven years after the death of Shannon Hoon. He released his first album with the band back in 2008 (“For My Friends”) and toured for the next couple years. His new solo disc was written and produced by Travis and was released on September 25 through Iron Ridge Road Recordings.

The album begins with “From The Depths” as Travis’ voice becomes instantly recognizable, while, the mellowness of this and many of the songs on this album shows off more of Travis’ songwriting talents. Not to worry Blind Melon fans, Travis also brings in the sounds he’s learned from his fellow bandmates on “Golden Lives” and “Bones And Times.” Travis rocks on the song “War Toys” as he displays the power in his voice, while the gentleness of “A Winters Tale” is a great folk, storytelling song. The album closes with the acoustic “Hand Me Down” as you truly feel the hope he has that this album proves how good of an artist he truly is.

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Anonymous said...

Great Album...I was Completely Blown Away By it. It was Refreshing to hear the obvious difference in this Album from the Work he did with Blind Melon. This Album Proves that Travis T. Warren is Much More than a Replacement Singer for a 90's Rock Band. Travis is an Amazing Artist in his own right, and this Album has a soul of its own. I highly Recommend This album to Anyone who Likes Musicianship at it's Best.....