Monday, October 22, 2012

CD Review: "Diamond Days" Are Coming This Way For Silverchair Drummer Ben Gillies

Indie-rock band Bento is releasing their debut album, “Diamond Days” on October 26 through the Diamond Day Records label. Bento is fronted by Silverchair drummer, Ben Gillies. While Silverchair is known for their big budget production pieces, Bento is the complete opposite. Gillies funded the entire project himself, which allows for the music to breathe and not be constricted to one idea.
The album begins with the title song as Gillies takes on the vocal duties throughout the entire album. The music carries a folk-rock vibe that doesn’t overpower the vocals. Gillies voice sounds so smooth and mellow on“Words of Love,” before picking up the tempo with the alternative rock sounds of “West Side Story” and “Obsession.” Bento is sure to hit the mainstream pop market with “How Many Times” as the music of the song is as catchy as its chorus. The song “Living Strong” carries a bit of funk, while “Poison Ivy” is pure, straight-up rock. The album closes with the mostly instrumental, experimental “Naked Next Me.”
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