Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CD Review: Pianist Micah Sheveloff Becomes An "Exhibitionist" On His Debut Album

Singer/songwriter/pianist Micah Sheveloff released his debut solo album, “Exhibitionist” back on August 27. The album was recorded at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 which was the perfect location to capture his 9-foot concert Steinway piano and his vintage Hammond B3 organ. The entire album was recorded to 2-inch tape without using today’s latest technology to achieve a more live, “in the studio” sound. 

 The album begins with a classic, blues piano led by Micah’s mellow vocals on “Tumble.” He follows the same path on “Stand Me Up,” but adds a bit more passion into his vocals, giving his voice a more raspy sound. At times, his voice also reflects an older Ray Davies of The Kinks as in the ballad “Barren Man” and the storytelling of “Baltimore.” The album closes with Micah performing a slow, piano version of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell” and a duet of Cheap Trick’s “Heaven Tonight” featuring Boston singer Rick Berlin.

For more information on Micah Sheveloff’s new album, “Exhibitionist,” check out micahmadness.com.

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