Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CD Review: Rock Duo, Time And Energy Apply "Focus" To New Album

California experimental indie rock duo, Time And Energy has a new album, “Strange Kind Of Focus” to be released on November 16. Members Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach share the duties on this release as they fill every song with drum loops and keyboard samples to keep their sound fresh.

The album begins with the electronic frenzy of “Hot Air” as there seems to be too much going on. This song is a prime example of where less would mean more. They add a smooth bass groove and a little Spanish flair in “Thought Forms,” before overloading “Tree Salad” with more music than what is needed. The gentleness of “Breakdown” is a nice escape from the barrage of music, but it is short lived as they blast back with the experimental garage rock of “Da Da Da.” Time And Energy tap into their past with the sixties psychedelic sound of “Sitting On A Scale.” The album closes with “Acid Jam” as Jorge Rios mixes English and Spanish vocals over a progressive jazz beat.

For more information on this duo of musicians, please visit and see what they are up to.

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