Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: Miles Davis Defines Cool In "The Complete Illustrated History"

New from Voyageur Press comes an outstanding book based on one of the greatest jazz musicians of all-time, Miles Davis. "The Complete Illustrated History" features 224 pages choke full of photos, album covers, concert posters and more. Many of the early pictures of Miles Davis' career look like artistic pieces as the photographer captures a mood through their lenses. It's also great to see Miles' transformation through the years in pictures. Beginning as a sideman for Charlie Parker, continuing as a solo artist, defining cool, until his chart-topping combination of rock and jazz.

The book also features input from acclaimed jazz artists Sonny Rollins and Herbie Hancock as they discuss Miles Davis rise to stardom from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Comedian and jazz connoisseur Bill Cosby discusses the coolness of Miles Davis' style, while Francis Davis gives his insight on some of the great jazz ballads that Miles Davis produced over the course of three decades. This book also includes input from over a dozen more artists and authors giving their educated opinion on all the different aspects to Davis' career.

This book has it all, from the way Miles Davis changed the face of Jazz, to his dark side of drug abuse, to creating an album that will stand the test of time. The book has become the new "go to" place to find out about all things Miles Davis. For more information "Miles Davis: the Complete Illustrated History," pleas visit

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