Thursday, November 29, 2012

CD Review: New Music From Indie Artists Erez & The End And Nick Peay

From New York City come the roots/folk rockers, Erez And The End with their debut EP, “Silent Mountains.” Lead singer Erez Eisenman has a very weathered sound to his voice as heard in the opening track, “Better Days.” He could easily fill-in as a voice double for the legendary Marc Knopfler as his style of singing puts the accent on certain words to give a different feel to the song as in the title track. The band picks up the tempo on the mellow rocker; “No More Cryn” as Erez sounds like his is stretching out to reach some of those higher notes. The album closes with the slow jaunt of “For A Little While” which suits the band overall sound and storytelling lyrics.

Erez And The End’s new EP “Silent Mountains” is available now. The band will be performing at The Shrine in New York on December 21. For more information, please visit

Louisville singer/songwriter Nick Peay recently released a four-song EP entitled “Feathers & Fables.” His new album begins with the acoustic rocker “(Two Miserable) Blackbirds” which hits the alternative mainstream sound of today’s radio.  He slows down to create a more gentle pop-rock approach in “Fly Away,” but it’s his simply acoustic, coffeehouse approach that allows the listen just get lost in his lyrics as on the closer “Mockingbird.”

For more information on this rising artist, please visit

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