Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CD Review: New Music From Some West Coast Artists

Oregon singer/songwriter Barry Brusseau is ready to release his second album “The Royal Violent Birds.” This follows his self-released, vinyl exclusive debut album and his CD-only EP. In order to make his new album, Brusseau put away fifty dollars from his pay check in order to record at Portland’s Type Foundry Studio. The dedication paid off, as his songs sound so pure and real as in “Across The Fire” and “Empty Head.” His voice sounds so genuine and pure at heart that you can put on his album and sit back and relax with a good glass of wine. His lyrics play out like short stories as in “Home Sick Yawn” and on the album closer “Till The Wind Blows Everything.”

For more information on Barry Brusseau and his new album “The Royal Violent Birds,” please visit his website at

From Los Angeles, CA comes another singer/songwriter, but with a pop-rock sound that is big right now on modern rock radio. Shotgun Honeymoon recently released his latest 5-song EP entitled “The Culmination” on Rock ‘n Renew Records. As I said the music on this new album has an upbeat, pop-rock vibe with some great lyrics to go along with the music. Songs like “Show Me” and “How To Fail” just need to find the right audience to become big. His songwriting shines through on the slower, more folk-style songs like “1000 Years Ago” and the closer “Wishing.”

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Finally we get to the new debut album, “Learning” from the Oregon-based trio, Pictorials. The sound on this 4-song EP carries a modern-rock, underground alternative sound, especially on the opening song, “Sense Of Vanity.” The music chugs along with “Mystery Matter,” before getting a punk-like drumbeat in “The News.” The album closes with the experimental sounds of “Movement” as the band sticks close to roots with their sound.

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