Friday, November 16, 2012

CD Review: Simon Spire Uses Some "Four-Letter Words" In His New Release

From New York, via New Zealand, comes singer/songwriter Simon Spire with his second full-length album entitled “Four-Letter Words.” The album was released in October, where it reached #6 on the New Zealand Independent sales chart alongside such acts as Sufjan Stevens, John Mayer and Ryan Adams. Simon has also been receiving airplay on, AOL Music and various retailers including Hollister, Levis and Foot Locker stores.

The new album starts off with the pop rock sound of “Liberate Your Love” as you can instantly notice a star on the rise. The album’s first single, “Uncomfortable” is a slow-build, pop-folk song which runs through the same vein as John Mayer or Conor Oberst. As Simon Spire picks up the tempo on “Knocking On An Open Door,” he begins to draw similar sounds to Crowded House. His songwriting shines on the slow-ballad “No Solid Ground,” before heading back to the pop-rock sound of “Find” and “Today.” The album finishes with Simon having fun with his lyrics on “Light Survives” and a clean version of his pop single “Uncomfortable.”

Simon Spire recently released his video for the song “Uncomfortable” which can be seen at For more information on the new album, “Four-Letter Words” please visit

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