Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CD Review: "Young States" Debuts For Citizen

From Toledo, OH comes the indie rockers Citizen with their debut EP entitled “Young States.” The album was released back on October 23 on Run For Cover Records and the band just wrapped up a month of live dates.

The new 7-song EP starts off with the energetic song “Untitled,” which carries a punk-rock edginess to it. The band youthfulness pours into the songs “Young States” and “Drown.” They also show us that they are just more than about blasting your eardrums with the mainstream rock of “I Still Shut My Eyes” and the darkness heard in “Detached.” The EP closes with the quick, aggressive sound of “I’m Sick of Waiting.”

Digital copies of the album contain bonus tracks, acoustic versions of a few of the songs on the new album. For more information on this new rising band, please visit the band’s facebook page (facebook.com/Citizentheband).

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