Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CD Review: Green Day Begin Their Album Trilogy With "Uno!"

American punk band, Green Day are riding a creative high. Their 2004 album (American Idiot) and 2009 album (21st Century Breakdown) both won Grammy awards and achieved platinum status. They created a successful musical based on these two albums and are now looking to regain their place as one of the premier punk bands of the world.
When the band entered the studio back in February, the band had so much great material that they decided to release a trilogy of albums. The first release of this trilogy, entitled “Uno!” brings together 12 upbeat songs that flow between garage punk and epic pop rock.
The album begins with “Nuclear Family” as the band’s sound returns to their 1994 album “Dookie.” The song’s quick-paced drumming and simple guitar riffs makes Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals sound so aggressive and in-your-face. Green Day have plastered their influences all over this album, with The Clash sounding “Carpe Diem” and the Operation Ivy sound of “Let Yourself Go.” The album’s second single “Kill The DJ” has a British dance-rock beat that sounds very fresh in the hands of Green Day. The band’s edginess comes shining through on “Angel Blue,” before closing the album with the pop-fused punk sounds of “Oh Love.”
Green Day will be releasing the second album of the trilogy,“Dos!” on November 12 and chapter three, “Tre!” on December 11. The band was to embark on a U.S. tour at the end of November, but have since put their plans on hold in order for Billie Joe Armstrong to recover. For up to date news and more information on this trilogy of music, please visit greenday.com.

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