Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review: Green Day's History Gets Poured Out In New Book By Voyageur Press

Still looking for that great for the holidays? Well, here is another great idea for the music fan in your life. Voyageur Press is publishing a new book about one of the most popular punk band's of all time, Green Day. Their new book "The Ultimate Unauthorized History" is 192 pages filled with everything you ever wanted to know about the band. Beginning with the upbringing of Billie Joe Armstrong and his meeting with Mike Dirst and how each of their tainted childhoods brought them together This book covers everything from their early days as the band Sweet Children to the addition of Tre Cool on drums to turn Green Day into what they are known as today.

Like many of Voyageur Press' other books on bands, this one has over 250 photos of the band throughout their history, as well as early concert posters and memorabilia. The book also goes into detail about each of the band's eight albums, leading up to their latest trilogy, and the impact they had on today's generation. It goes into some detail how the band were rejected by the punk community by going mainstream, only to have the last laugh by bringing the punk element back into rock music and selling millions of albums doing what they love to do. Author Alan di Perna does a great job covering the band's rise to stardom with the album "Dookie" and how they struggled to recapture the element of that album in the studio. That was until their album, "American Idiot" put the band in a different category all together.

Any music fan will enjoy this hardcover book as the "go to" piece on the history of the band, Green Day and their rise to super stardom. "Green Day: The Ultimate Unauthorized History" will be published on December 16. For more information, please visit

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