Monday, December 31, 2012

CD Review: Frank Zappa's Catalogue Gets Remastered And Re-Released

In early 2012, the Universal Music Enterprise made a deal with the Zappa Family Trust to reissue Frank Zappa’s entire catalog on CD and in digital form. Many of the albums were being remastered from the original recordings in order to receive the optimal sound available. The first set of albums rolled out on July 31 and every month there after saw another dozen or so of Frank Zappa’s masterpieces hit the market. His entire catalog was also available on iTunes for the first time.
Beginning with his first album, “Freak Out!” all the way up until the “Mystery Disc” has been reissued on CD. Some of his albums are hitting the market for the first time and many of them have never sounded better than they do now. Some of the highlights that feature the amazing sound of Zappa are the mostly instrumental “Hot Rats” and “Waka/Jawaka.” Also, after being “out of print” is the return of all six volumes of “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore.”
Fans that have followed Frank Zappa throughout his career will also be happy to know about a couple new compilations, “Understanding America” and “Finer Moments.” “Understanding America” is a two-disc album that features many of Frank Zappa’s politically charged songs, including “Who Are the Brain Police?,” “Can’t Afford No Shoes” and the deluxe, 25-minute version of “Porn Wars.” The other newly released compilation, “Finer Moments,” focuses on some of Zappa’s output during 1967 – 1972 with the Mothers Of Invention. Fans of early Zappa will love these live versions of “The Walking Zombie Music”and “Uncle Rhebus.”
Another aspect of Zappa’s musical career that gets overlooked is his involvement in classical music and modern jazz. Albums like “Francesco Zappa” and “Jazz From Hell” are sure to give younger fans an insight to how talented Frank Zappa was a musician and how much he inspired others to reach outside the box.
So with the close of 2012, we finally get to rediscover was a musical genius Frank Zappa was and how great his music sounded, no matter who or where he was performing. For more information on Frank Zappa’s entire catalog, please visit

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