Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CD Review: Midnight Hike Aim Their Sights On The "Moon"

From Washington D.C. comes Midnight Hike with their second album entitled “Shoot The Moon.” Since the release of their debut album “Long Way From Yesterday,” the band has enjoyed some local success. They were voted one of the “Best 3 Bands” by Washington City papers and performed alongside classic rockers Cheap Trick and Blue Oyster Cult. Now with the release of their new album, the band is looking to build upon its success.

The new release continues that southern rock sound with “Today’s Your Day” as the music builds with the band’s signature sound. The guitars are blazing with “Burn Fire” and “Good Good Time.” Their music gets a little edgier as they add a bit of attitude to “Pilot” and “Masters Of The Sky,” before adding little two-step shuffle to “Midnight Hike.” Their acoustic rockers “Fight Your Way Home” and “Play In My Head” are truly the heart of the band’s sound as the vocals and instruments each have their own places to roam. The album closes with “Shoot The Moon” which carries some nice harmonizing and a great bar band sound.

Midnight Hike has a release party scheduled for December 14 at The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA. If you can’t make it, then be sure to visit to obtain a copy of their new album “Shoot The Moon.”

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