Thursday, December 6, 2012

CD Review: New Bands Corsair And Sticky Boys Make A Loud Impact

From Virginia comes a brand new progressive/hard rock band Corsair with their self-titled debut album. It will be released on January 21 through Shadow Kingdom Records and it features a sound that dates back to when rock was more about the instrumentation and less about the lyrics.

The album begins with the five-minute instrumental “Agathyrsi” as the band’s sound would have you convinced it came from Yes, ELP or even Rush. They take on a heavier, British metal sound on “Chaemera,” before heading back to their seventies classic rock era on “Gryphon Wing.” The band show off the musical talents again on the instrumental, “Mach,” the close the album with the more expanding, progressive rock of “The Desert.”

For more information on the new, rising band, please visit their Facebook page at

Another new band (from across the pond) has also recently released their debut album. After three years of touring, the Sticky Boys, from France, finally decided to come out with their first full-length album, “This Is Rock n’ Roll.” As said by the band, they decided to give France something that has been missing for so long, “a genuine rock n’ roll band.”

Right from the opening riffs of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nation” you get a sense that this band doesn’t mess around. Their songs carry an AC/DC-type sound that is just pure rock with no fluff. The up-tempo pace up “Great Big Dynamite” and “Big Thrill” gets the adrenaline pumping as the band hits it out of the park with the guitar-riff fueled “Miss Saturday Night.” The album closes with the slow-building blast of “The Way To Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

The Sticky Boys have some dates lined-up for next year in their home country of France, but be on the look-out for the boys to hit the road hard in 2013 promoting their new album, “This Is Rock n’ Roll.” For more information, check out

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