Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CD Review: Our Ghosts Show Us Their "Teeth" On Debut Album

From Boston comes the experimental, indie-rock band Our Ghosts with their debut album entitled “A Brand New Mouth Of Razorsharp Teeth.” The album will be released on December 4th and a limited amount of CDs and cassettes with be personally handmade by the band.

The 11-song album carries a very underground rock/hip-hop vibe with dance floor beats (“Lorasepam”) and industrial rock appeal (“Teeth” and “Morphine Drip”). Their music is very keyboard-driven like in “My Fellow Americans.” Their hip-hop side shows up on “Rest” which features rhymes by Mosef & B-Wise. Their rock side finally comes out on “Citalopram” before closing the album with the beat-filled “So Say We All.”

Our Ghosts definitely have an interesting sound that is not heard too much in the music industry. With a little more time and a couple more albums, they can really hone their skills and create some truly great music. For more information on Our Ghosts, please visit their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ourghosts666).

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