Monday, December 17, 2012

CD Review: Redline Addiction Double-Up Their Efforts With "A To B"

From Washington, D.C. comes Redline Addiction with their follow-up, the double album “A To B.” After the success of “Letters” the band hit a creative vein that just kept flowing. Instead of having to throw away songs to create a single album, the band decided to work up all 23 songs and release all of them.

The first disc, "Side A,” begins with the adrenaline pumping “I Beg To Surrender” as the band carries that classic late-seventies rock sound. Rob Robinson’s vocals are just so powerful as in “How To Lose” and the band just continues to rock hard, without overpowering the songs. They take a little off their classic rock sound to give the songs “Uptown” and “Ordinary Fool” a more pop appeal. The band is at their best during the blues shuffle of “Devil With The Red Dress On” and the power rock of “Yukon Gold.” “Side A” closes with the fun, ska-flavored sound of “Last Call.”

The second disc in the collection, “Side B” starts off the same way, with a shot of adrenaline during the energetic rhythm of “Everybody Knows.” The band continues to rock on the aggressive sounds of “The Arsonist” and “Coming Attraction.” The acoustic ballad of “Yesterday’s Wagers” still carries that edginess as you can feel the emotion in Robinson’s vocals. Once again, the band are at their best when they just flat out rock like in “Dark Days.” The album closes with the Irish jig “Whiskey Rose” and the instrumental “Melancholy.”

Redline Addiction currently do not have any shows scheduled for the new year, but their latest release, the double album “A To B,” is available now. For more information, please visit

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