Saturday, December 1, 2012

CD Review: The Rolling Stones & The Who Hit The Road With New Releases

New from Universal Music Enterprises, in association with Hip-O Select, are two albums that are not really new, but newly released from two of the biggest, oldest groups still touring today. The Rolling Stones are celebrating 50 years together with a new greatest hits compilation that includes the first new music that the band has created together in over seven years. The other new release is an archived live album "Live At Hull 1970" from The Who, who are currently on tour performing their rock opera "Quandrophenia."

The Rolling Stones have just performed two sold-out shows in London and are next heading to the US for a few shows. The band kicked off their 50th anniversary with a book, movie and a brand new greatest hits compilation, "GRRR!". What makes this set stand out above the rest is the different configurations available to the fans. There is a basic 2CD set which features 38 of the Rolling Stones' most well-known hits and two brand-new recordings, "Doom And Gloom" and "One More Shot." "Doom And Gloom" contains that signature Keith Richards guitar shuffle and pounding drums supplied by the one and only Charlie Watts. But, The Rolling Stones show that they can still rock on "One More Shot" as the music gives a great raw backdrop for Mick Jagger's lead vocals.

True fans would be more interested in the 3CD set which features 48 of the Rolling Stones' songs starting off with their rhythm & blues beginnings ("Come On" and "Little Red Rooster") and ending with the news songs. It covers the band's entire recording career and digs a little deeper than the two-disc set. There is also an 80-song edition that is spread across four-discs and includes some of The Stones' lesser known hits like "Dandelion" and "She's So Cold." Hopefully with the recording of the two new songs and their handful of scheduled live shows, that this may jump start The Rolling Stones to perform more new music for us in the future.

Now, The Who are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their landmark album "Quandrophenia" with a full-fledged tour and to keep fans happy, they released their 1970 concert "Live At Hull" on CD. The concert was originally recorded to possibly be released as the band's first live album instead of the classic "Live At Leeds" album. The 2CD set was released in the "Live At Leeds" deluxe box set, but is now available for the first time on its own, in a deluxe edition. The sound on this release is much better than the deluxe edition of "Live At Leeds," but just like that release, they decided to place the entire "Tommy" performance on a separate disc. So, even though the set doesn't run in the exact order as it was performed, the way the first disc flows, you would never have missed the band's performance of "Tommy."

So be on the look out for these great new sets from two of classic rock's biggest performers. These also make great stocking stuffers for the music fan in your life this Christmas. For more information on these releases and more from the Universal Music Group, please visit

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