Saturday, December 22, 2012

CD Review: "Save The Date" Soundtrack Brings Out The Emotions

Director Michael Mohan returned to the Sundance Film Festival with a new entry, “Save The Date.” The movie was written by Mohan along with famed novelist Jeffrey Brown and Egan Reich. The movie is based on the familial and romantic bonds the form us all. Even more exciting is the soundtrack to the movie which features songs that capture that time when you first heard the songs or saw the movie and the emotions you had about the story.

Popular alternative rock band Wilco lends one of their lesser known songs, “Heavy Metal Drummer” to the soundtrack which sets the stage for the eleven songs that follow. Some of the songs carry that feeling of youth, as in Giogio Moroder’s eighties sounding “Baby Blue” and the energetic, post-punk of Wolfbird’s “Babies.” The album gets its groove on with the R&B flavor of Charles Bradley’s “Lovin’ You Baby” and Nick Waterhouse’s “Some Place.” But, mostly the tone of this soundtrack is the underground alternative sounds of artists giving their all to their performances as in “Let Me Take You Out” and “Sunlight.”

This album was released on Lakeshore Records back in November. For more information about the soundtrack, please visit

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