Sunday, December 16, 2012

CD Review: A Second "Dos!" From Green Day

Earlier this year, punk-rock band Green Day entered the studio with over 40 songs, which is more than enough material for a new album. It was three years since their last album, the Grammy award winning “21st Century Breakdown,” and the band has hit a creative high. Instead of trying to wield the songs down to a single album, Green Day decided to release three full-length albums over the course of three months. The first album of the trilogy, “Uno!” ( was released at the end of September and hit #2 on the Billboard Album charts. Now the band has released its second album, the appropriately titled “Dos!”

The 13-song release is full of flashback-type, garage rock. The songs don’t carry a lot of the punk edginess of the first album, but the songs still get their energy from the rhythm section of Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. Songs like “Stop When The Red Lights Flash” and “Makeout Party” still have that raw energy that Green Day is know for, but it isn’t plastered all over this album. They combined a lot of their love songs into this release and have put a sixties, garage rock spin into their sound as in “Wild One” and “Stray Heart.” The band bring in the simple, raw rock that The White Stripes were known for in “Lady Cobra,” before receiving help from Lady Cobra on the dance/pop “Nightlife.” The album closes with just Billy Joe Armstrong and his guitar as he pours his heart into “Amy.”

While the band is on a hiatus from touring for the time being, there is still more music coming down the pike in the third release, “Tre!” which came out on December 11. While some may feel that it is a bit too much at one time, 37 new songs from Green Day are never enough for their legion of fans. For more information on this album and the rest of the Green Day trilogy, please visit

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