Thursday, December 27, 2012

CD Review: TV Snow Brings Out "Red" From Down-Under

From half-way around the world comes the Australian, alternative rock band TV Snow with their full-length debut album, “Red.” The new release was dedicated to bassist Ben Linden, who was killed in a shark-attack just after recording for the album was finished. Hence the album titled, which was Ben’s nickname.

The band’s upbeat sound on the opening songs “Call To The Siren” and “Dowtown” have a very fresh sound that is needed in the music industry. “Death And Blues” shows a maturity in their songwriting that is not heard very often on debut albums. The boys rock hard on “Underground” and have fun with “Boy Wonder.” The album is full of upbeat, rocking tunes with no ballads to slow the energy down.

The new album was released internationally on December 1 and will be released in Australia at the beginning of 2013. For more information on this new, indie-rock Australian band, please visit

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