Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CD Review: Brand New Trash Give Off A Retro Sound

From San Francisco, CA comes the new, self-titled album from Brand New Trash. Their music has been described as “Trash Pop” and combines their influences of grunge, rock, folk, hip-hop and pop into a very creative sound. The band is a spin-off of Buxter Hoot’n with brothers Vince and Jimmy Dewald leading the way as the album’s first single, “Brenda’s Got A Baby” (a Tupac Shakur cover) is generating buzz along the west coast.

The album begins with “If You Let Me,” which carries a very retro sound that would make Neil Young proud. A mellow guitar and organ fill-in the background as the song begins to come together. The rawness in their music is heard on the album’s latest single, “Alana” as they combine folk lyrics with a Seattle grunge sound. The song “Blackwater” is an acoustic folk-blues that sounds like it was concocted in the swamps of the Deep South, while “Brenda’s Got A Baby” combines a Neil Young-style guitar/harmonica with hard-edged hip-hop lyrics to create their “trash pop.” The album closes with the slow burn; feedback fueled “The Ones” as the song sounds like a long lost Nirvana outtake.

The new album from Brand New Trash was released back in November and the band is planning a tour this coming spring. For more information, please visit

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