Thursday, January 31, 2013

CD Review: Indie Artists Give Just A Taste With New EPs

UK Singer/songwriter Annie Dressner returns with her new 4-song EP entitled “East Twenties.” This is some of Annie’s best work to date. Her voice on “Heartbreaker” is so gentle and comforting that you can’t help but get lost in her words. You can feel her heartbreaking in “I Can’t Forget” and her passion on “Lost In A Car.”

Her new EP will be available in April, but she is currently on a tour of the UK. For more information on Annie Dressner, please visit

From Australia comes newest pop music diva to conquer America. Sarah D recently released her new 5-song EP entitled "Over You." Her sound is exactly what's hot on "Top 40" radio, similar to artists like Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. The album begins with "Stand Up" as her voice combined with dance beats are very infectious. Her delivery of the lyrics show a very passionate emotion as in "Crying Over The Rainbow," while the closing song "Make The World" shows you that she is in charge of her destiny.

The EP was produced by Andres Torres and is available now through cdbaby ( For more information on Sarah D, please visit her website at

Multi-talented musician Andrew Butler recently released his new album as Andrew and the Safari Rangers entitled, “On The Verge Of Indigo.” The simplicity of his music allows his lyrics to become the main focus of his songs. He tries to combine the harmonies of The Beach Boys with the vocal delivery of They Might Be Giants. It works well on the opening song, “A World Around You” and on the playful song “The Smartest Person.” The electronic, keyboard driven background music does get a bit old, but Butler’s lyrics keep the mood light on “Midnight On The Cliff Walk” and on the album closer “Sleep Paralysis.”

To find out more about Andrew and the Safari Rangers, please visit his facebook page at

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