Monday, January 28, 2013

CD Review: Manafest Becomes The "Fighter" For Christian Rock

From California comes Manafest with his latest release, “Fighter.” Manafest is the stage name of Christian rap/rocker Chris Greenwood, who originally hailed from Canada. His latest single, “Fighter” is making its way up the Mainstream and Active Rock radio charts, while the song “Human” is heading for the top of the Christian Rock radio chart.
The album begins with “Fighter” which shows the perfect combination of Manafest’s hip-hop lyrics, backed by a hard rock sound. He has edginess to his sound as in “Pushover” and “Come Alive,” he leans a little toward the pop rock sound of “Never Let You Go,” which should be his next hit single. The album finishes with the big blazing guitars of “Heart Attack” and the upbeat “Will You Catch Me.”
Manafest will be hitting the road, beginning in his home country of Canada on April 26, before heading down to the west coast in August. His album “Fighter” was released last April. For more information on Manafest, please visit

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