Saturday, January 26, 2013

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Roll Out Their Next Wave Of Eardrum Destruction Albums

Metal Blade Records is ready to roll out some more new releases by some of the wildest band names one could ever think of. Bands like Lightning Swords of Death, Gloria Morti and Raven Black Night are just a few groups with new releases hitting all the aspects of metal including Thrash, Death Metal and even a little Celtic Folk Metal.
Lightning Swords of Death released their latest album, “Baphometic Chaosium” on January 22nd and the music just hits you with a blast of aggressive energy. Songs like “Acid Gate” and “Epicyclarium” are over six-minutes of headbanging power. The album closer, “Oaken Chrysalis” is the most attractive, evil-sounding song on the album, but perfect for this brand of metal music.
Also out on January 22nd is the new album from Nightfall entitled “Cassiopeia.” The band returns from their Metal Blade Records debut (“Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants”) with an album that may be dedicated to the Greek metal scene, but can easily be accepted as a great addition to the Heavy Metal music world. The way Nightfall changes tempos as in the opener “Phaethon” and in “The Nightwatch” keeps you guessing as to their shear speed and power. The expert musicianship can be heard all throughout this album, especially in “Hubris” and “Hyperion.” The album closes with “Astropolis,”a hard rocker that shows flashes of doom metal.
Coming next week are new albums from Zombified and Gloria Morti. Zombified return with their sophomore album, "Carnage Slaughter And Death." The same aggression and impact from their first album are still present in the songs "Pull The Trigger" and "Withering Souls." The music of "Endless Days Of Wrath" and "Reborn In Sin" just blow you away with it's shear force, while "Clinched Fist Of Vengeance" sound like it pays tribute to the early days of Death Metal. The album closes with the pulse-pounding sounds of "Reign Of Terror."
From Finland, we get a new album from Gloria Morti entitled "Lateral Constraint." It is the band's fourth album and can certainly be classified with some of the best Death Metal albums of today. Beginning with "Lex Parmsimoniae," the band's speed and energy comes blasting through the speakers. Their songs like "Our God Is War" and "Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow" shows the great musicianship within the band. The album closes with the speed-drumming energy of "Conclusion."

Finally we have the return of Raven Black Night with their first new album in over eight years, "Barbarian Winter." The band is on a mission to bring traditional metal to the world. They have a classic sound with hints of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rainbow as their songs are mainly about gladiators and queens. Their music on this new album is very heavy, but not over powering as you follow the song's stories of battles and mystery.Their nostalgic appeal is heard in "Mystery Woman" and their Sabbath cover of "Changes." The album closes with the metal epic, "Angel With A Broken Wing."
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