Monday, January 21, 2013

CD Review: Otis Taylor Tries To Help Native Americans With "My World Is Gone"

Famed singer/songwriter Otis Taylor is ready to release his 13th studio album, “My World Is Gone” on February 12 on Telarc, a division of the Concord Music Group. Taylor was inspired to write and sing about the struggles of Native Americans, along with help from Indigenous frontman and guitar virtuoso Mata Nanji.

The album begins with the title song as Nanji plays a little blues guitar as Taylor’s weathered voice gives the song such passion and heart. Taylor adds a little slide guitar to the country rock feeling of “Lost My Horse.” While most of the songs carry a very roots, earthy vibe; the one song that seems out of place on this album is the jazz-fueled “Huckleberry Blues.” The horns take away from the steady gallop of the banjo and just seem to overpower the song. The lyrics and music of songs like “Sand Creek Massacre Mourning” and “Never Been To The Reservation” tug at the heart, knowing that Native Americans received so much neglect. Otis Taylor walks that fine line between country and bluegrass with the simple sounds of “Jae Jae Waltz,” before returning to the storied lyrics of “Coming With Crosses.” The album closes with the upbeat, guitar boogie of “Sit Across Your Table.”

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