Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CD Review: Straight To VHS Ask You To Be Kind With "Rewinder"

From New London, CT comes the garage rock/punk band Straight To VHS with their debut full-length album, “Rewinder.” The band has spent the time between their self-titled EP until now honing their skills, touring across New England.
The album begins with “Don’t Call It Love” as you instantly notice the rawness of their sound, similar to what the Sex Pistols and The Clash must have sounded like in their early days. The 11-song album only last about 23 minutes as songs like “It’s Not The Money” and “Medal Of War” are quick hits of adrenaline. The album finishes up with the Subpop era Nirvana sounding “Stuck In Transit” and the blast of guitar fury of “Your Face.”
The rawness of their sound is both a turn-on and a turn-off as they need to upgrade their recording and polish their sound up just a hint to make a bigger impact on the music community. To find out more Straight To VHS, please visit

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Anonymous said...


I completely agree, but having a rough recording sound is a double edged sword. You might wind up with a clean, slick record but at what cost? This record is similar to old bootlegs played until the needle wore out and kept as a treasure.

Thanks for the review, and website. Take care.