Thursday, January 3, 2013

CD Review: Vestibule Expands Their Rock Sound At "The Surface"

From the Jersey Shore comes a new progressive rock band, Vestibule with their debut album, “Through The Surface.” The album was originally released in December of 2011, but is gaining a new life through New Ocean Media.

The album starts off with the band plugging-in for “Astray” as they add an edgier, punk sound to their prog-rock roots. The songs, “Sweet Surrender” and “The Longing” add jazzy drumming, up-beat bass lines to expand the album’s overall sound. The band’s edgier sound returns in “September Skies,” before slowing down for the mellow rock of “Lucid Dreams.” While most of the album’s songs fall well short of the five-minute mark, their true progressive side comes out on the almost six-minute, “Through The Surface” as the band’s sound truly comes alive. The album closes with the hard-rocking “Forget The Hour” as Vestibule leave their mark on your eardrums.

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