Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CD Review: The Waterboys Work With "Mr. Yeats" On New Album

Scottish, Celtic rock band, The Waterboys are celebrating their twentieth anniversary with an album of new music, “An Appointment With Mr. Yeats.” The album finds the band’s main songwriter, Mike Scott collaborating (unofficially) with the legendary Irish poet W.B. Yeats to create some of the band’s best new music in a decade.

Beginning with “The Hosting Of The Shee,” The Waterboys gets the pace moving with this thunderous piece of music to match Scott’s lyrics about Irish folklore. The band falls back into the gentle storytelling side of their music with the “Song Of Wandering Aengus” and “Sweet Dancer.” The Celtic sound of “Mad As The Mist And Snow” places you in the Irish countryside, while “September 1913” captures a more seventies classic rock sound. The most pop mainstream song on the album is “Politics” as the combination of an upbeat tempo and lyrics that everyone can relate to become lodged in your memory. The album closes with the six-minute “The Faery’s Last Song” as the music just floats on by.

The Waterboys played a handful of shows last November and are returning to the road with the U.S. premiere show on March 20 in New York. To find out more on The Waterboys’ new album, “An Appointment With Mr. Yeats” and for more live dates, please visit

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