Sunday, January 13, 2013

CD Review: Wooden HEZ Marches In The "Children's Parade"

From Philadelphia comes the new rock/grunge band Wooden HEZ with their debut album, “Children’s Parade.” The 9-song album was recorded in the fall of 2012 and released in December.
The album begins with the slow burn of “Take Them There” as Wooden HEZ slowly introduces you to their sound. They pick-up the tempo with “Radio Man” as the feedback-fueled song sound like the son of Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer.” The band’s grungy sound leans more towards Neil Young and less to the Seattle underground sound that erupted with Nirvana. Songs like “Sinner” and “Just Sacrifice” are led by a strong guitar presence, with the lyrics almost unrecognizable at times. The album closes with two acoustic folk songs “Competent Man” and “Children’s Parade.”
Wooden HEZ has some shows lined up over the next three months. For more information about this new indie-rock band, please visit

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