Friday, February 15, 2013

CD Review: The Electric Grandmother Try And Spread Their "Love" Around

From Washington DC, we get the latest release from indie-artists, The Electric Grandmother entitled “Love in an Escalator.” Their music is unlike anything that is out in the music industry, believe me. They come close to sounding a little like the alternative band, Ween, but without any musical boundaries.

The album begins with the title song that is just a keyboard-driven introduction that tries to prepare for what’s to come. Their songs are really short snippets of ideas, with the longest one lasting just under 3-minutes. They venture in the realm of punk-rock with the 30-second blast of “Reagan’s Got the Bomb,” before hitting their stride with “Sitcom-Core.” The Electric Grandmother go a little “techno” on “Grandpa’s Grave” before hitting the beats, “old-school” with the hip-hop sounds of “Mac and Me” and “Virtual Reality Helmet.” They also try their hand at country with the quick-paced “Mrs. Doubtfire,” then sound just like Ween meets They Might Be Giants on “60 Seconds Of Double Dare.” The album finishes up with the keyboard instrumental “The Tired Robot Ride The Escalator.”

The Electric Grandmother will be hitting the road sometime this year. Check out their website at to find out more from this innovative indie-rock band.

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