Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CD Review: The Icicles Want You To Join Their "Parade"

Indie-pop band, The Icicles released their latest album, “Renegade Parade” almost one year ago and their music is finally meeting the masses by the band re-releasing the album this February. Some of their songs have been featured in ads for Target and Motorola and in a handful of independent films. During the writing, recording and producing of this album, five children were born amongst the various band members as the music still feels like a complete work.
Lead singer Gretchen DeVault’s vocals are instantly noticeable on the opening songs “Numb” and “Night Drive” as the songs hit you like a breath of fresh air. The slow-build of “Insomnia” shows a great musicianship within the band, while the songwriting of “Would You Know” gives their music so much heart and emotion. DeVault’s gentle, falsetto tone on “So It Goes” sounds so beautiful and innocent, while the band has fun with the up-tempo, playful sound of “This Is It.” The album closes with the keyboard driven “No Good For You” as The Icicles show you that they can rock.
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