Monday, February 11, 2013

CD Review: New Music Coming From West Coast Indie-Artists

From the Portland, OR area come new albums from west coast indie artists including singer/songwriter John Amadon, the rock duo known as Aina Haina and alt/rock band Crown Point. The bands have new music hitting the streets over the next couple months and look to make an impact on the music industry.
We begin with the new, self-released album from John Amadon entitled “The Bursting Sheaf.” John’s early influences are found all over this album with the quick two-minute instrumental (“Saltwater Crocodile”) he pays a tribute to the early days of The Kinks, then settles into his Neil Young, story-mode on “Two Hunters.” He gets compared to fellow singer/songwriter Elliott Smith as John displays similar song structures as in “Meet Me When I Call.” Amadon wears his passion on his sleeve with “Cupcake,” before closing the album with the pop sounds of “Dream Your Dream Alone.”
To hear more from John Amadon, please check out his music at
Next up is the Oregon duo, Aina Haina with their new self-titled EP. The band, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Mike Ailes and drummer/vocalist Dylan Magierek have a very heavy classic rock sound. The opening song, “I Wouldn’t Let Me In If I Were You” sounds like an outtake from Alice Cooper’s early days as the guitar crunches along. The duo begin to head into prog-rock music territory with the instrumental song, “We Pulled It Down,” before blasting away on the song, “Mericel.” The EP closes with “Foolin’ Around (In The Sun)” as Aina Haina saved their best for last.
To obtain a copy of Aina Haina’s new album and to find out more from this amazing duo check out their Facebook page at
Finally, we have Crown Point with their new 7-song EP entitled “Curtains.” The alt/rock, pop group approached this album as a more collaborative effort with everyone in the band lending their talents to the song’s formations. The album’s first single, “The Room” has all the right ingredients to become a pop radio hit. Heartfelt vocals and slow but danceable beat may be right for the radio, but “Afterbirth” and “Set Fire” shows that this band can rock. The album closes with the mellow acoustic sounds of “Records On The Radio.”
Crown Point has some dates scattered over the course of the next few months, mainly along the west coast. For more information on their new album, “Curtains” and for a complete list of tour dates, please visit their website at

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