Thursday, February 28, 2013

CD Review: Pete Galub Is Letting Out His "Candy Tears"

Singer/songwriter Pete Galub recently released his nine-song album entitled “Candy Tears.” Even though Galub is from the east coast, his music carries a very northwest, alternative rock sound that blew-up the music scene in the early nineties.

The album begins with the guitar-fused “Reacquaintance” as you think you stepped back in time to when the Meat Puppets and Nirvana were still underground music acts. Galub’s songwriting grows on the slow-building “All I Am” and “300 Days In July.” He lets his guitar do the talking during “My Regeneration” as he blasts you with his music. Pete Galub shows his emotional side in “Waiting,” before closing with the seven-minute epic “Boat.”

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