Monday, February 18, 2013

CD Review: Shai Hulud And Neaera Release New Albums Through Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is ready to unleash a couple more hardcore metal albums into the world. We begin with the New York metal/punk band, Shai Hulud. They will be releasing their fourth album entitled “Reach Beyond The Sun” on February 19. The album was produced by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, who also takes over the vocals duties in over a decade.
The band’s hardcore attack begins with “The Mean Spirits, Breathing” as Gilbert’s screaming vocals are perfectly matched to the three Matts (Matt Fox – Guitars, Matt Fletcher – Bass, Matt Covey – Drums) powerful music delivery. They get their aggression out on the shouting vocals of “I, Saturnine,” before continuing blasting your eardrums on the title-song “Reach Beyond The Sun.” The song “A Human Failing” features, Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme, Blacklisted) the first of many guest vocalists on this album. They blast through the songs “Medicine To The Dead” and “To Suffer Fools” with machine gun drumming and crunching guitars. The change in tempos during “Think The Adder Begins” shows more diversity within the band’s sound. The album closes with the moody, slow-building, big sound of “At Least A Plausible Case For Pessimism.”
Shai Hulud is still working on their website, so check out the band’s Facebook page ( for more information, including dates in Australia and the U.K.
The other new release comes from the German hardcore metal band Neaera. Their new album, “Ours Is The Storm” is their sixth release through the Metal Blade Records label. The band has created a sound that combines their hardcore roots with a Swedish death metal influence as their popularity continues to grow.
The music hits hard with the title-song, “Ours Is The Storm” and “Decolonize The Mind” as the fast-paced drumming and aggressive vocals rage on. The duel vocals on “Walk With Fire” are genius as the song takes on a more epic feel. The song “Black Tomb” shows off the shear force and power of this band as they present the song and neck-breaking speed. The band finishes the attack on your eardrums with the powerful song “Guardian Of Ashes.”
Neaera is hitting the road at the end of the on in their home country of Germany. For more information on the new album and for a complete list of tour dates, please visit

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