Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CD Review: Terrible Spaceship Gives New Life To "War Of The Worlds"

From Chicago comes Terrible Spaceship with their debut album“Invaders 1938.” The album was released back in January and retells Orson Welles tale of “War of the Worlds” using original clips of dialogue over a newly recorded soundtrack.
Beginning with the aptly titled, “Hello,” this 16-song “soundtrack” adds more suspense to the original telling of the story. While quotes from Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater Company tell the story, the music gives the words new life, especially in the songs “Access Denied” and “Stardust.” The music still carries a nostalgic feel to it, but sounds very much like Terrible Spaceship scoring a Tim Burton film. They mix up the soundtrack with dance (“10010011,” “The Fall”) and rock (“Grim,” “Lost”) beats to show how expansive their sound is. The album finishes with the closing number “Goodbye” as you hear the classic historical apology from Orson Welles about the creation of “War Of The Worlds.”
Terrible Spaceship has one live show scheduled at the moment for February 16 in Chicago, IL. For more information on this truly unique band, please visit their Facebook page at

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