Monday, February 4, 2013

CD Review: Wang Chung Return With Their "Tazer Up!"

English New Wave band, Wang Chung returns with their first full-length album in over two decades. The band hit it big in the eighties, first with their #1 dance hit “Dance Hall Days” then again with the #2 hit single “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.” The latter song still gets played today at weddings and parties. After a seven-year hiatus, the band reformed in 2000 to perform a handful of show sin America and since then have had the urge to record. Their newest album, “Tazer Up!” was released in December of last year and has put the band back on the radar as an iconic pop group.

The new 11-song album begins with a remix of their hit song “Dance Hall Days,” a sort of a reminder of who Wang Chung is. Then they move on to some new music with “City of Light,” an up tempo rocker that reminds you how much fun Wang Chung’s music is. The song’s infectious groove gets carried over into the acoustic “Let’s Get Along” and the dancehall beats of “Rent Free.”  Wang Chung gets a little funky of “Why” before going nostalgic on the headline fueled “Abducted By The 80’s.” The album closes with the seven-minute “Stargazing” as you truly appreciate their ability to write more than just pop songs.

Wang Chung are preparing for a U.S. tour this year. Please visit for more information on the new album and for any upcoming tour dates.

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