Saturday, February 9, 2013

CD Review: Rob Morsberger Lets Loose His "Early Work"

Singer/songwriter Rob Morsberger is on a mission to release as much music as he can since being diagnosed with terminal cancer. On February 15, he will release the double CD set, "Early Work 1986-1995" through Hieroglyph Records. This release shows how talented Rob is a songwriter, especially early on in his career.
The first disc features 11 song written and recorded between 1986 and 1991. It begins with the songs "State of Mind" and "Down On Me" that just feature just Rob accompanied by a piano with only the subtle hint of another instrument. The songs sound very complete as like "Two Lovers" the sounds so fresh and new even though is was recorded over two decades ago. Rob has fun with the New Orleans-flair of "Catfish" and the jazz backdrop of "A Chang Of Heart." He also has fellow singer/songwriter Louden Wainwright III lend a hand on the heartfelt ballad "3/4 In Love."
Disc two begins with the epic, dark music of "The Dogs Of Anger" as it covers Rob's early work between 1991 to 1995. You can hear a more weathered voice in the piano ballad "The Steel Colar," and the Tom Petty-esque acoustic "Like/Dislike." Rob duets Suzy Roche on the slow-moving "Ocean Of Blue" and with Marshall Crenshaw on the country-sway of "Fool's Paradise." The set closes with "Rainbow Girl" as you truly appreciate Rob as one of the best songwriter's of his generation.
Rob Morsberger has only four live shows scheduled over the course of the next three months. To find out more about Rob Morsberger's album and tour dates, please visit

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