Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CD Review: Archers And Arrows Come "Together" On Their New Album

Switzerland rockers Archers and Arrows return with their sophomore release, “Alone Together.” The band combines elements of indie-rock with the edginess of punk and hardcore metal to create a truly unique sound. The band’s sound and songwriting has definitely matured since their debut album as their songs carry more appeal than just blasting through songs at neck-breaking speed.

The album opens up with “Innocence” as you notice they taken their foot off the gas and developed more structure to their songs. They may have a crossover hit with “Numb/Dumb” as the song carries an arena rock sound. The band’s punk-rock energy comes through on “Self-Made Man” and “Alone Together,” before finishing up the album with the more pop-rock feeling of “Emergency.”

Archers and Arrows have a few dates on their calendar, but they are all in their home country of Switzerland. For more information on their new album, please visit http://archersandarrows.tumblr.com/.

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