Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CD Review: Esa Linna Explains That "This Is Who I Am"

From Finland comes the debut album from pop/rock artist Esa Linna entitled “This Is Who I Am.” His songs are very upbeat and very contagious. You will find yourself singing or moving along to the music after only a couple listens. If he follows the right path, his music should have no problem catching on with today’s pop/rock mainstream sound.

The album starts off with “Don’t Know What It’s All About” as he draws from his classic rock influences on this guitar driven song. He continues with the alternative pop sounds of “A Drop In the Ocean” and the fun, wonderfully harmonizing of “She’s Not A Human Being.” The song “New Address Tonight” sounds a like it came from Elvis Costello’s younger days with The Attractions, while the dark sound of “Meat Market” seems out of place with all these other upbeat songs on the album. His talents for songwriting shines bright on the album closer, “Dawnbreaker.”

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